How to book accommodation?
How to find appropriate accommodation?
How can payment by instalment be realized?
What is due date for advance payment?
How to make payments from abroad?
How to send a confirmation of advance payment?
When does the guest get information about the facility owner and the address of the reserved facility?
Should the guest contact the facility owner before leaving for vacation?
When does the guest receive a voucher (confirmation of the reserved service)?

How can payment by instalment be realized?

Payment for the rental of the selected accommodation unit is split in two parts. The first part is paid in advance when making a reservation of the accommodation unit and the rest is paid house owner on the arrival day.

In some cases, depending on the contract type signed with the house owners, it is necessary to make the payment of the rest of the amount to the agency bank account no later than 30 45 days prior to the arrival of the guests.

The advance payment amount is 30 - 50% of total arrangement price, and the agency will transfer it to the house owner giro account when the payment settles.

In exceptional cases (such as short period reservation or reservation made by guests who need a visa to enter Croatia) it is necessary to pay full amount of the arrangement price immediately to confirm the reservation.

The guest will be informed about the amounts of the advance and rest of the payment in the pre-invoice.

If the guest wants an R-1 invoice, it must be stated when making a reservation request.